Guaranteed Rate Insurance Partners with Wikifri on Digital Insurance Marketplace Launch

Alpharetta, GA, August 3, 2023 –– Wikifri announced today, the successful launch of a digital insurance marketplace for Guaranteed Rate Insurance.

Wikifri is driven by a singular mission: to forge enduring relationships with our valued clients, facilitating remarkable business outcomes through technology investments. Wikifri’s passion for excellence came to the forefront in 2022, when Guaranteed Rate Insurance (GRINS) sought their expertise to help with the development of a digital insurance marketplace. Wikifri also contributed to recruiting and interviewing new technology talent, as GRINS was also building out their new technology organization while balancing portfolio planning and delivering new digital capabilities.

Throughout the transformative journey, Wikifri’s team of seasoned professionals, led by hands-on experienced experts, demonstrated their unparalleled industry acumen. As experts in the insurance realm—especially on the agency/broker side of the businessWikifri proved to be the perfect match for GRINS aspirations, helping them achieve their objectives and meet crucial timelines.

“Partnering with Wikifri had a significant impact on our ability to delivery while building out our new technology organization,” said Ryan Haggard, Vice President and Head of Product and Technology at Guaranteed Rate Insurance. “Their team assisted with interviews and hiring decisions, added immediate engineering capacity that increased our speed in bringing the digital insurance marketplace to market, and provided invaluable industry-based feedback on our strategy. Wikifri’s profound understanding of the insurance industry fueled our ability to deliver on our challenging commitments.”

Wikifri is committed to pushing boundaries and driving organizational success. Join us on your journey to unrivaled achievements in the dynamic world of insurance and technology. Together, we can make your aspirations a triumphant reality.