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3 Things – Recapitalization Events, Expanding Horizons & Continuing Market Challenges

Hello Friends!  As we arrive at Thanksgiving week in the US, it’s a timeRead More

3 Things – Flurry of Activity, Earnings Landscape & Innovators Forge Ahead

Hello Friends!  As we pay tribute to the bravery and service of our VeteransRead More

3 Things – Cyber Fortified, Scaling Losses & Q3 Earnings Resilience

Hello Friends!  Welcome to the latest pulse from the heart of the insurance industry!Read More

3 Things – Layoffs Perception, Q3 2023 Scoreboard & Chess Moves

Hello Friends!  Team Wikifri is gearing up to make waves at Insurtech Connect VegasRead More

3 Things – Mega-Insurers Hot Seat, IPOs/Mergers/$$ & Future-Proofing

Hello Friends!  Wow, between a busy Target Markets event and a rush of headlines,Read More

3 Things – Valuable Insurance Assets, Data Key Asset & Focus On Profitability

Hello from Target Markets!  It was another busy week and conference season is movingRead More

3 Things – Cyber & Specialty Buzz, Property Exits & Insurance-Backed Investment Initiatives

Hi Friends!  The pulse of the insurance industry continues to quicken, adapting and evolvingRead More

3 Things – Adapting Strategies, Strategic Acquisitions & PE Eyeing Insurance

Hi Friends!  The winds of change continue to sweep across the insurance landscape, thisRead More

3 Things – E&S Expansion, Financial Performance & Deals / Partnerships

Hi Friends! Insurance continues to move forward with expansive growth and strategic collaborations thisRead More

3 Things – Auto Sector Adaptations, Insights from Monte Carlo & Revival and Investment Waves

Hello Friends!  With another week of insurance and fall season upon us, we continueRead More

3 Things – Specialty Insurance Opportunities, AI Investments & Property Insurance Sector Challenges

Hello Friends!  It was a week marked by dynamic shifts and promising collaborations, theRead More

A Successful Insurance Venture Starts with Defining Your Operating Model

By Stuart Jordan Whether you are a startup entering a new field or anRead More