Wikifri is a nimble, aggressive, consulting firm focused on improving our clients’ businesses by bringing together deep insurance industry experience, the flexibility to build partnership-based engagement teams and technology expertise.

Wikifri is founded by insurance veterans who are focused on a critical success factor to achieve breakthrough bottom line results for our clients by understanding their businesses and the difference they are going to make in their markets. We know successful technology investments help them achieve those goals.

Our firm’s commitment to client success is demonstrated by our seasoned professionals’ industry experience, knowledge of the technology, landscape in the insurance industry, and long history of successful projects.

We are committed to helping our clients stay at the forefront of rapid industry changes by helping them develop new markets and creating new efficiencies and capabilities for their organizations

About WiKiFri
Our mission is to build long-term, durable relationships with our clients that continually deliver improved business results from their investments in technology, business processes and communications
Industry Knowledge

Our teams consist of industry professionals that understand, have managed and improved all elements of insurance businesses.

Outcome Focused Project Teams

Our standard engagement approach establishes focused objectives at the outset of each effort and project. This is a critical component in our project methodology and will drive the teams toward the critical project objectives.

Experienced Professionals

The mix of professionals that service our insurance clients have decades of experience in both the insurance business and the specific technologies used by our clients.

Hands-on Experienced Leadership

The entire executive team has extensive experience in insurance and is involved in every engagement.

Demonstrated Flexibility in Approach

Our approach positions our clients for success using blended teams.