3 Things – Launches with Global Focus, Insurtech Investment / Partnership & Organization Shifts Look Ahead

Hello Friends!  The news cycle is slowing down as we enter the final business week of 2023.  Insurance organizations are readying their plans for the new year which shows promise but also concerns about what is to come.  This week, we are following the launch of new business ventures with global focus and eye towards the future, insurtech partnerships and investment along with organizational changes and strategic moves that seem to align to the 2024 outlook.  Best’s Review’s foresight into 2024 underscores several critical areas for the insurance industry. These include climate risk, the challenges posed by layoffs, the impact of high inflation on reserves, the implications of the presidential election, rising cyber risk concerns, state reforms against litigation, and the dual role of AI as both a challenge and an opportunity. These insights paint a complex picture of the landscape insurers will navigate in the coming year.  Let’s delve into the three things we learned and try to unpack these themes as we tie a bow around another eventful year in insurance.


Carriers Launching New Specialty Ventures with Global Focus

This week in the insurance industry, a noticeable trend is the strategic expansion of specialty carriers into new ventures, particularly with an international or global focus. The narrative here is about diversification and innovation, as these companies position themselves in the US and UK markets with unique offerings.

Westfield Specialty’s recent announcement to establish an International Property division for D&F insurance signifies a strategic shift towards international markets. Their approach not only diversifies Westfield’s portfolio but also leverages the acquisition of Lloyd’s Syndicate, marking a significant move into the international property D&F market.

AXIS Capital’s preparation to launch the Energy Resilience Syndicate, following approval from Lloyd’s, is another example of innovative expansion. This new venture is dedicated to supporting the net zero transition, underwriting a range of energy transition projects from conception to dismantling. With a clear focus on renewable energy and sustainability, AXIS Capital is positioning itself at the forefront of insuring the future of energy

In a similar vein, Markel International’s launch of a new Specialty division, featuring an International Casualty team, is a testament to its growth in the Wholesale business. The division is set to deliver innovative solutions across various specialty classes, aligning with a global agenda and focusing on teamwork and best-in-class underwriting.

Lastly, Ryan Specialty’s launch of Ryan Financial Lines, a new international financial lines MGU, marks a consolidation of its operations across various markets. This unification is set to bring about efficiencies and enhanced offerings in the financial lines space, demonstrating a strategic approach to international expansion and diversification.

These movements reflect a broader trend in the industry towards specialized, global offerings. Companies are not only expanding geographically but are also innovating in their product lines, signaling a new era of insurance solutions tailored to evolving market needs.


Insurtech Partnerships and Investment Looking Ahead

The insurtech landscape is closing out 2023 with new partnerships and investments, particularly with a focus on climate change and the rise of specialty-focused offerings.

The collaboration between Upfort, a cyber security and insurance platform, and Arch Insurance is a strategic move to transform cyber insurance programs for SMEs.  This partnership is poised to revolutionize the cyber insurance landscape with broad coverage, competitive pricing, and embedded security solutions, catering to the growing demand for cyber insurance which is expected to continue to rise in the new year.

The commercial auto insurance sector is continuing to shift towards data-driven solutions, as exemplified by SiriusPoint Ltd.’s partnership with Nirvana Insurance and Terminal’s recent $3.1 million funding achievement. Both initiatives underscore a growing emphasis on leveraging telematics data for enhanced risk management and operational efficiency.  SiriusPoint’s alliance with Nirvana highlights the potential for telematics to tailor insurance rates and offer savings, aligning with their high-quality risk underwriting goals. Similarly, Terminal’s ambition to become the “Plaid of trucking,” focusing on seamless communication and operational efficiency, aims to revolutionize fleet monitoring and integrate with industry-specific tools.

Swiss Re’s acquisition of Fathom, a UK-based provider of flood risk intelligence, underscores the importance of advanced data modeling in addressing natural catastrophes like floods. This acquisition aligns Swiss Re’s expertise in risk management with Fathom’s research activities, aiming to bridge the global protection gap for natural disasters and enhance their offerings in flood risk assessment.

These stories highlight the continued trend towards strategic partnerships and investments within the insurtech sector. Focused on innovative solutions and harnessing the power of technology, these collaborations are shaping the future of the insurance industry, especially in response to the challenges posed by climate change and evolving market demands.


Organizational Shifts With Future Focus

As we approach 2024, organizational shifts and strategic realignments continue as they have over the past few weeks. This week’s moves are not only indicative of a response to current challenges but also a preparation for the year ahead and beyond.

Munich Re’s raised profit target to €5 billion for 2024, coupled with significant revenue and ROI goals, reflects a confident and forward-looking strategy.  Despite the challenges of the current geopolitical and macroeconomic environment, Munich Re’s performance and projections indicate a robust approach to navigating the future, balancing ambition with a keen awareness of external uncertainties.

Chubb’s appointment of Federico Spagnoli to lead Consumer Lines for its International General Insurance Operations and Mercury General Corporation’s promotion of Victor Joseph to President & COO are indicative of a strategic leadership reconfiguration.  These appointments aim to leverage expertise and experience to drive growth and innovation, especially in key markets such as Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Europe for Chubb, and through technology and infrastructure investments for Mercury.

The shutdown of Avanta Ventures, the venture arm of CSAA Insurance Group, marks a shift as they focus on the main operation trying to recover from the challenging past 2 years. Focused on startups in sectors such as insurtech, mobility, and risk-adjacent areas, the closure of Avanta represents another exit of traditional insurer from investing in insurtech ventures especially in the mobility space.

Join us as we continue to explore the headlines and news shaping the insurance sector, and stay tuned for more insights on the unfolding narrative of our industry!  Stay productive, stay safe and stay in touch!