Solution Spotlight: Reinsurance Transformation

Wikifri Provides Reinsurance Transformation with Direction, Resources and Insurance Data Expertise

Wikifri recently began working with the US division of a multinational insurer on a major transformation effort.

Wikifri is providing a team of reinsurance subject matter experts to program manage, provide business analyst support and data conversion expertise alongside the reinsurer’s internal team and a software vendor.

“We are excited about partnering with Wikifri to help ensure the success of our ceded reinsurance program. Their reinsurance business expertise and project experience adds depth to our team at a time when resource constraints were one of the biggest risks of the program.”

– Insurer IT Executive

In the current state, the insurer’s systems contain the standard set of complex contracts and financial transactions that are the rule within ceded reinsurance. Previous operations and data management were built on a mainframe and hard coded. It is hard to extract certain views and elements.

In the future, processes and data management will be far more automated. It will be easier to extract data and information that is vital to regulatory and financial reporting.

“We always appreciate being in the right place at the right time for our clients, it’s is our goal to be in the unique position to understand the client’s business needs and technology plans so we can help them execute and realize the benefits of a transformational program.”

– Bill Freitag, Managing Partner