Bill Freitag

Managing Partner

Wikifri’s Founder, William Freitag has over 30 years of senior executive and consultant experience across financial services, P&C, L&A and Group insurance. After finding success for himself founding, growing, and selling multiple businesses, he’s now ready to put his expertise to work for exceptional start-ups and Insurtech firms through the power of connection. Before Wikifri, William found success developing solutions across the entire insurance value chain, from distribution through to reinsurance, including authoring a crucial Insurance Transformation Framework. This framework enabled insurers to examine each aspect of their business and reimagined the possibilities enabled by emerging technologies.

With Wikifri, Mr. Freitag focuses his consulting prowess, deep technical knowledge, and insurance-industry expertise on identifying and partnering with dynamic, high-momentum start-ups and insurance industry leaders for networks that empower truly disruptive and innovative insurance solutions.

Bill Frietag