3 Things – Matic / HSBC, Lemonade Deal Insights & Insurtech Lobbying Group – 12/17/2021

Hi All!  Here is your last ‘3 Things’ of 2021, we will be celebrating the holidays and hope you will be too including finding a few extra days to take a break.  We will return in January 2022 for what promises to be another interesting year.  This week we are following Matic/HSBC, Details on Lemonade Metromile deal and the formation of an Insurtech lobbying group.  Here are the three things we learned:


Matic Partnership with HSBC

Insurtech digital agency Matic announced a partnership with major international bank HSBC to be the embedded insurance experience for their customer’s home and auto insurance.  This could be a similar story to Experian acquiring GABI or Chime getting into insurance.  We have seen insurance embedded into financial services many times over and should continue to see that trend.  It would also make sense to see the banks and other financial services eventually acquire more digital distribution focused insurtechs, see another one this week from MoneyLion.


Details on Lemonade / Metromile Acquistion

Not many insurtechs have come together through an acquisition as of yet.  So it will be good to follow the pending deal between Lemonade and Metromile.  Coverager read the recently released S-4 and while this is a long read it does provide good details and analysis.  Most interesting is how the terms of the deal are being affected by the market volatility.  Both companies’ stocks have been trending down so it must be hard to settle on on final terms.


Insurtech Lobbying Group Formed

The traditional insurance industry has lobbying government for a long time and now insurtech will join them forming their own lobbying group.  The innovation coming to market often finds itself in regulatory no man’s land.  Having a group focused on helping advance that agenda with government officials is a good step towards maturity for this sector of the industry.

Thank you for following us, we appreciate your feedback and continued support.  Happy Holidays!  Celebrate a great 2021 and look forward to 2022!  Cheers!