3 Things – Branch Unicorn, Another Broker Power & Dig In 2022 – 6/10/2022

Hello Friends!  It was a good week and we enjoyed participating in DigIn in New Orleans we share some sentimental thoughts this week.  We were able to catch up with may colleague and learn about trends and solutions.  Other things we are following this week include Branch and the Howden acquisition making a mark in US reinsurance brokering:


Branch Latest Unicorn

Home / Auto bundler Branch closed a $147M Series C this week making themselves the latest ‘unicorn’.  They are different than others we have seen that have been falling from grace so far this year.  Branch is building slowly and using solid fundamentals with leadership that knows insurance and is trying to build a better insurance company not only flashy technology that others can easily replicate.  Congrats to them and look for them to become a big player in the personal lines space.


Another Broker Transaction

UK-based Howden has agreed to aquire US-based reinsurance broker TigerRisk in a deal that will make them a major global intermediary and create a fourth major player in the reinsurance broker market.  A year or so ago we thought AON/Willis might come to fruition and create less not more broker powers.  Now within the past few weeks, we have seen Acrisure emerge as a larger player and now Howden on the international presence and US.  We may see more activity from Howden in the US if this deal closes as expected.


Dig In 2022 Thoughts

As mentioned, we were at Dig In this week in NOLA.  It was our 3rd conference so far in 2022.  The big takeaway is that it is good to be back in person with our fellow insurance colleagues and friends.  Insurance / Insurtech is a community and we missed having time to learn from each other and connect with our peers over the past two years. There were many interesting solutions present in the exhibit hall and many industry people sharing stories about their path to innovation, managing talent challenges.  Sometimes you need to stop and be appreciative of the simple things in life like having time to break bread and seeing old friends.  Looking forward to more events as the year goes on and we return to the new normal.

Thank you for following us, we appreciate your feedback and continued support.  Stay tuned for more info to come.  Until next time… stay safe, stay productive!