3 Things – 4th of July – 7/02/2021

Hi All!  First off, Happy 4th of July!  We hope you all enjoy the long holiday weekend celebrating summer and our great country the USA.  This week we are following, Bolt’s fund raise, Ping An digital and FL auto legislation.  Here are the three things we learned this week:


Bolttech $180M Raise

Bolttech the parent of Bolt annouced a $180M series A funding round this week.  We have been following Bolt since the CPASS days and they have changed strategies several times since.  The new strategy and the hiring of many talented executives from AIG and other places appears to has led to the ability to attract investment capital and make them a formidable force to provide a innovation in the distribution and customer engagement areas.


Ping An Founder on Digitalization

Ping An has long been considered a major global player in the fintech revolution so when the founder has a blog about his thoughts on digitalization, it is probably worth reading.  They have a track record of success and appear to leverage data, AI and other technologies to the fulfill customer experience needs and power other aspects of their business.  Organizations looking to innovate in the insurance space in the US can look to them as a model.


DeSantis Veto Helps Industry

A controversial bill was vetoed by Florida governor in what appears as a win for the insurance industry as most were concerned that replacing PIP coverage with bodily injury coverage limits would result in a big increase in rates in the industry.  There has been quite a lot of legislative action to follow in auto this year so far with COVID refunds and consumer watchdogs worrying about overcharging.

Thank you for following us, we appreciate your feedback and continued support.  Stay productive, stay safe and stay in touch!  Enjoy the holiday weekend and Celebrate America!