3 Things – 2021 Midyear Review, Cyber Consortium & Human Modems – 6/25/2021

Hi All!  This week we are following, a 2021 midyear review, cyber consortium and a look at humans in the digital distribution conversation.  Here are the three things we learned this week:


2021 Midyear Review

It’s hard to believe we are only a few days away from midyear.  So far, the highlights include: the end of COVID and return to a hybrid workplace, cyber risks heightening, insurtech valuations and carriers focusing on customer experience innovation.  All of these topics and more are discussed in detail in this midyear report a good read headed into the weekend.


Creation of Cyber Consortium

In response to the growing concern about cyber risk AIG and Chubb have partnered along with a group of others to form a consortium that will manage and insure the risk.  Joining the staff of CyberAcuView LLC will be a past President of NAIC along with a former FBI agent and COO of National Insurance Crime Bureau.  The combination of these entities comes at a good time and the combined resources will begin to figure out the issue of covering cyber risk in this era of uncertainty and anxiety.


Enhanced Digital Engagement NOT ‘Human Modems’

Interesting comments from Allstate CEO Tom Wilson at the Future of Insurance event this week.  He thinks Allstate will acquire more independent agents that they can supply with customer data to create an enhanced digital experience by having someone to provide advice and direction to a digital buyer.  This made us have more questions than answers but highlights a trend we are seeing that humans need to be involved in digital engagement.  In case you missed, we dropped a new blog this week that discusses digital distribution.

Thank you for following us, we appreciate your feedback and continued support.  Stay productive, stay safe and stay in touch!